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Corporate Calling (A complete Campus to Corporate Program)

Organizations across the the globe are looking for employees that will best fit their requirements and so are the students for the organizations that they can best fit into. In most cases, the organizations don’t find the right fitment and often complain that the students are not ‘Corporate Ready’.

While the students are taking a plunge into the world of corporate from the world of academia, learning is hardly over. While learning will be a life-long process, considering the nature of the transition, their learning over the initial few months at work will be both intense and immense. Almost all new joiners go through a grind in terms of learning and sometimes are caught off-guard or unprepared. They need to learn about the organization, its culture and practices, the industry and the sector, the domain and skills associated with it, tools and processes that are followed as well as skills associated with work and personal effectiveness. And our “Corporate Calling” program is designed to meet all the above needs. The program covers:

  • Corporate Culture Sensitization
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Skills

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