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Adventures of Hyderabad

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” goes the proverb and we so agree with it. To make life of a student more interesting and enable him to learn from the environment & surroundings, our program “Adventures of Hyderabad” offers a wide variety of activities like, Adventure Camps, Nature Trails, Heritage Walks and Field Visits.

A research study conducted shows that participation during these formative years positively influences students’ attitudes toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These findings affirm that the overwhelming majority of students report skills development and attribute health and wellness benefits to their participation in campus recreation facilities, programs, or services.

To affirm this study further, we offer a wide variety of recreational activities like:

  1. Adventure Camps – Available in In-House/Outdoor and Flexi-Days options
  2. Nature Trails & Camps – Available in Outdoor and Flexi-Days options
  3. Heritage Walks – Available in Half & Full Day options
  4. Field Visits – Available in Half & Full Day options
  5. Art Camps – Only available in In-House/Full day option

The above programs can be offered as piecemeal or combined offering as well.


Reach out to us for more details on the programs.